Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Info. about Pipes and Braid Pattern

Thanks to my test knitters the knitting pattern for Pipes and Braids is officially done an up for sale as a pattern as well as a kit. I have started another Pipes and Braid in grays and black

I am still working on writing the pattern for the Floral Bag as well as working on two new bags, one with loads of cables, and one with loads of color.

The weather here which was up in the 80's until t-storms yesterday was a glorious 72 today. I really think it makes knitting with wool a more pleasant experience. I do it all summer anyway, but it is the best sitting outside and listening to my i-pod and knitting and NOT getting hot from the bag sitting on my lap.

Tips and tricks:
When you have knit enough of your large style bag for it to hold your yarn ball. pop it inside the bag and it won't be rolling all over the place.

So you don't constantly have to count where you are in a repeat pattern, use a hanging stitch marker to mark the beginning of the pattern repeat...even one of those little hard plastic closures that are on the bag that a loaf of bread are in works great----those plastic thingies are also great as mini bobbins for intarsia

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Johnna said...

And here I thought I was being clever putting my yarn into the bag while I was knitting it. :)