Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Should I introduce myself...well I guess I just will - Hi I am She-Knits!

I am Sharon. I live in the burbs of Chicago Illinois. I am a SAHM of 7, well does it still count as 7 when 2 are in college...wait I can answer that OF COURSE it still counts, just less laundry. Besides having a passion for creating knit and felted bags, I also am a doula, which means I work with birthing women during labor and delivery. I am be hosting this knit-a-long, and again want to thank Silja for the suggestion. I really want to encourage you all to not be shy, this is going to be a msaller more intimate KAL, which is how I like it. I don't imagine we will grow bigger (for now) then 15-20 of us.. I love hearing what people have to say about there knitting, see pictures both in progress and finished., and am always fascinated by how one pattern can look so different when using different color combinations of yarn. I also want to say that there are NO dumb questions EVER, and if you are too shy to ask openly on here you can always e-mail me.

I just finished another BIG BAG in black, gray, purple and pink

I have just cast on another XL Bowling Bag which will be used as a sample my LYS as they have asked me to teach a class on felted bags with my patterns. This one will be made with a darker brown bottom and straps, but will have have the same warm oak brown body, and I am not sure on the pocket and top strips as of yet in terms of color.

I am also just finishing a new bag that I am writing a pattern for that has been great fun called Pipes and Twists.Here's a little teaser.

Last but not least I am writing up a pattern for my Floral Bowling bag, as there have been mnay requests for it.

I never thought this would happen, however I have been knitting and typing so very much in the last 2 weeks that the space between my ring finger and pinky on the top of my hand is KILLING ME and I must stop typing tonight and rest it..
I plan on adding more pictures to this post tomorrow.
Night all- or good morning depending on what part of the country you are from. Please oh please introduce yourselves!!! How do you say good night and or good morning in your native languages? I kind of grunt in the morning, and pretty much say nightey night :)


Silja said...


Good Night: God natt.
Good Morning: God morgen.

And there is several other variations from place to place in Norway.
As for the town I live in we speak with "thick" letters.
Cant wait to see the pipes bag :)

Valerie said...

I can't wait to see the new bag pattern either :-)

randi K design said...

Hi, found your blog at Silja's.. Haven't knit from your patterns yet, but they sure are beautiful!! I will keep visiting though... Oh, by the way, I am Norwegian also, live in Texas w/ husband from Des Plaines, near you maybe? They have a great yarnstore there...

Sheknits said...

Well then God Morgen!
I posted a peak of the new Pipes bag ...Randi, I live close to Des Plaines

Kiwi Jo said...

A common greeting in New Zealand is "Kia Ora" which comes from the native Maori language.

I think I'm going to have to make the floral bag for my Mum....