Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Errata and Tips for XL Bowling Bag Pattern

***Added 9/19 have to add (now that it is the next day and I have heard from others, that this error does not apply to everyone as other lovelies have found their XL Bowling Bag pattern to be error free- the error free pattern reads like this for the top strips,k8, bo 3, k13, bo3, k8 next row: k8 co3 k13, co3 k8. The pattern WITH the error is described below but in a nutshell it reads, k10, bo 3, k14, bo 3, k10 (which is correct) then k10, co 3, {k10}, co 3, k10 - the mistake is the {k10} it should read {k14} I am thinking the error occurred in this pattern on Sept 2 revision***

Our wonderful KAL New Zealander Kiwi Jo found an error. Though it is very upsetting that there is an error, I am so grateful to Jo for finding it and letting me know. I wonder why others have not found it that have completed their bags, and I can only think that it luckily happened to be in a row that you would of instinctively been doing the correct thing from looking at your knitting, as opposed to reading your knitting instructions at that particular point. These errors make me feel so HORRIBLE, it makes me wonder if I am cut out for this pattern writing business as I sit here with a knot in my stomache concerned if I ruined anyones time they spent knitting
Here it is in the fourth grouping of sentences down from the top on page 4.

It now reads:

Next row:
K 10, CO 3 sts. using backwards loop cast on method, k10, CO 3 sts., k 10
Garter st 8 rows. BO all sts.

It should read:

Next row:
K 10, CO 3 sts. using backwards loop cast on method, k14, CO 3 sts., k 10
Garter st 8 rows. BO all sts.

Get out your big bold markers and please correct it. Will you all please accept my humble apology. I am so glad that it hasn't caused a problem for anyone here on the KAL, or all the others out there in knittingland. I am sure I would of heard!
NOW COULD SOMEONE PLEASE POST SOMETHING NICE SO I DON"T HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS EVERYTIME I CHECK ON THE KAL (which is honestly about hourly!)???? Errata will be posted on the side bar.

********ADDED 10/1

Page 4:
Bag strips are done in Oatmeal bulky wight which is listed as [D}. In the directions I also call it [C].

I like the look of the top strips to be 2 rows taller so I am amending that section on pg. 4 to read as this

Using #13 circular needle and [D] working back and forth in garter stitch, drop first stitch marker and k across 40 sts, drop next 2 stitch markers, turn work and knit back on the 40 sts. you just knit across. Continue with garter st. on those 40 sts for a total of 10 rows (5 ridges).

It used to read 8 rows.

The yarn choice for the Exterior Cabled Pocket is not listed, it should be listed as [B]

********added Oct 7
For Pipes and Braids Patterns purchased before 10/7 (which is now called the Ali Bag) the pipe that is on the bottom of the bag is done in the same color as the bottom and therefore you can not see the purl bump (that is on the inside of the bag that you need to pick up as well) as the upper pipes as there is no contrasting color

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