Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting started soon :-)

I'll be starting my bag soon- yeah!!!!

So, this weekend I had gone up to NH and was able to get some yarn shopping time in. I had visited my Gpa on Sat morning (he was admitted to a nursing home during the week) then went to the library to place a Snapfish order of pix that I took two weeks before when I was up there with my kids. I had it printed at the local Walgreens so I could bring them up to him that night. While I was waiting for the pix to be ready I got some yarn at Harrisville for the XL bowling bag and some yarn at the Knitting Nook for the Marly bag. I can't decide what to make first now!! I can't start until next week though b/c I forgot the yarn in my Mom's car :-( My parents are saying in NH until this weekend, so I'll get my yarn when they get home. They live in the next town over from me. Glad they haven't moved out of state yet! LOL! Any suggestions as to what to make first? I think the XL bowling bag for instant gratification!

I REALLY have to stop getting new yarn though- I have a Wool Arts Tour in NH in the beginning of October and Rhinebeck at the end of October. There will be LOTS of purchases made there & I'm running out of yarn storage space!!!


Sheknits said...

I say start them both! Marly you have to realy pay atternion, XL BBag you don't havet to pay attention to except to count total rows. So, one can travel around with you and one you really have to have your space of time to focus. They didn't really help did it?

Valerie said...

So Marly is my knit-at-home project & XL Bowling Bag is my knit-in-public project