Thursday, September 27, 2007

Introduction of a new-comer

Hi, I'm Marit from Norway and I get so inspiered by all this lovely bags. I want to knit them all! But now I have a small problem or two. First of all it's not enough knittingtime in my life, and second, I don't have the right needles. The smaller one are on needles 6mm, and the bigger on 10mm. I don't have needles in sizes between, and I have to choose one of this. Please help me! My bag is going to be brown and white and I'm eager to start.


Silja said...

I used double iglo on 10 mm needles and double vestland/østlandsgarn on 7 mm needles.

What yarn do you use Marit?

Sheknits said...

Just from the photos I would go with the larger needle- nly becaseu when something you are going to felt is knit tightly it can sometimes not felt well as the stitches don't have room to "full". Can you make two small swatches and felt them and see? I know, I know...nobody wants to do test swatches.

Marit said...

Then I go for the 10mm needles. I use double Artic from Trysil Garn, and I don't care to do swatches. If it don't turn out well, I knit a new bag when I got diferent needles.
Tank you for answering so quickly!