Sunday, September 30, 2007

Contest for She-Knits KAL members

I have decided to have a contest to give away some of my yarn and it is exclusively for my She-Knits KAL members that have posted at least once. You can still post between now and the end of the contest and be counted so if you haven't introduced yourself, go for it! There will be two winners picked.

How do I enter?

You enter by leaving a reply to this post with a web address link to a knitting pattern or a picture of a knitted item that has a pattern for sale (or free) of something you think is great that you have not yet knit, but want to. If it is a pattern from a book, then link the book.

You may enter up to 2 times if you have two separate links. The links must all be working, so make sure you check!

When will the contest begin and end?

The contest begins now and ends midnight Oct.10
The winner will be randomly drawn and announced Oct. 12.

What do you win?
There are two prizes to CHOOSE other words first place winner gets their choice, and second place winner gets what is left!

If any of you listen to my podcast you'll know that even though I ordered the Berrocco Yarn, Peruvia to make the tilted duster, I have decided against knitting the tilted duster so I am going to give some of it away in this contest. Now, since a number of you are International I hope you understand that if you win I will be sending you a smaller amount of yarn then if you win and are within the United States, international postage is just BRUTAL.

Here it is...the color is tomato, the skeins are 174 yds and I haven't decided how many I will give away yet but it will be at least two or more.

It is a 100% wool and is considered by most to be quite soft (though i still think it is a little scratchy...but I think all wool is scratchy.


A surprise mystery skein of sock yarn that is 400 yds.

OR************* ( and sorry my lovely International participants this last choice is only for people within the US because International postage is just brutal!

My additional copy of Laurie Perry's (aka Crazy Aunt Purl) book, Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.
I will announce the winners on Oct 14 here on the KAL and then you will e-mail me your choice of prize and your mailing addy.

Sound good? Hey you have a pretty good chance of winning sine there are 14 f you in the KAL and I don't think everyone has posted! If you were lurking and considering joining, now is the time.

Remember enter by submitting your comment here.

Have fun- and please make sure your links work.


Valerie said...

I *heart* contests!

OK, so count me in. I'm totally in love with this bag & will hopefully be knitting it soon. I got yarn for it, but have changed my yarn like 18 times already. Who knows what it will actually be knit up in: (brea bag)

And I really like this sweater too. I haven't purchased the pattern yet, but I look at it & consider buying it frequently!! Check it out on Ravely if you get a chance. People have made some cool modifications to it: (wicked)

Sheknits said...

YAY Valerie!

Cynthia said...

I really like this scarf.

Silja Devine said...

I love this from the new knitty. The yarn used is soooooooo lovely. I am going to order some to make myself this

And these socks I am definately going to knit very soon

Annierose said...
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Annierose said...

This one is almost a mandatory rite of passage, but I have the most gorgeous yarn for it. Mountain colors hand paints twizzle in gold rush. I am going to cast it on right after my sunflower purse is done! The Clapotis!

Annierose said...

So, I published this, but it cut off my link...

I think that this sweater is so beautiful, but looks pretty complex, ah someday!!!