Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let the games begin... ehh... knitting begin :)

Hello all :)

Silja calling from the eastern part of norway! I am the one responsibe for that green bag *pointing down* I have started a Big bag.. but I use 7 mm needles and double Rauma Finull yarn instead so it will be a not so big Big bag. I am hooked on this slip stitch patterning... so clever, fun and easy for a nobrainer like me when it comes to fair isle knitting.

I am going to make a few more XL bowling bags, My daughter has requested a pink one and mu MIL have requested and black/grey one.
I went yarnshopping today... I was planning to only buy for these two projects but somehow without me knowing how it happend I got more than I planned for... I got 54 balls of yarn... that equals 2,7 kilos..... I suddenly saw bag in all colors and combos so I just have to have one more bowling bag that is a little smaller than the green one and it will be in purples. I am thinking of making another Big Bag too in turqouise/lightblue/black.


Valerie said...

Woah! That's a lot of yarn for just one shopping trip!!! Enjoy it :-)

Sheknits said...

Love that you are sharing what a naughty (but in a good way) girl you were in the yarn shop. I cna't tell what the wiight of that yarn is? Is it worsted?

Silja said...

24 balls of bulky and 30 skeins of worsted weight.

Silja said...

not skeins... balls..