Sunday, September 23, 2007

XL B.B. in Sable and Cream

I honestly loved making it a second time and when it sells I will make a third...and 4th and and and.... I suggest you do the interior pocket in something that 'pops' so you can easily see it when you open your bag. Why? Because it is fun, and you don't have to search for where to dip your hand.

My two secret test knitters have finsished knitting Pipes and Braids, and except for some color changes on the braid, it is deemed error free. As soon as the second knitter finishes her straps and felts her bag it will be officially for immediate sale. Did you know that one of the test knitters is on this KAL. Oh lovely test knitter will you please expose your identity and show us your gorgeous bag??

1 comment:

Kiwi Jo said...

Nice Sharon - I like the surprise color of the inside pocket!