Sunday, September 16, 2007

A new bag is done and the pattern is almost ready....Pipes and Briad

I am done writing the pattern for Pipes and Braids which will be for sale in the She Knits for Knitters Shop. This finished bag is going to a local boutique and going to be for sale in my Sheknits Shop. More often then not these pricier bags sell more quickly out of the boutique rather then off Etsy. I wish it weren't the case however I totally understand it. It takes a leap of faith to spend $195 on a artisan kind of thing when you are only seeing a picture. When you can actually pick it up and put it on, stroke it, feel its quality and strength etc. get the picture... its just easier to fall in love enough to buy it in person, rather then on the computer! I'm hoping and thinking that this bag will have a new Mama pretty quickly. Whatdayathink? Anyone interested in the pattern? It is going to be tested soon and when it is up for sale I will let you all know.

How come all you lovely participants aren't introducing yourselves? Maybe I jumped the gun creating this KAL. I know we are all so busy with so much. Anyone out there starting their pattern? We would all love to hear about it!


Lucia from Madison said...

The bag looks beautiful.
Saturday came and went I did not get to the yarn shop. I have read the pattern for the Marly a number of times and can't wait to start it. Next weekend I will make the time to get the yarn. Do you have a site that you would recommend to purchase the yarn?
So I have time to get another bag done in the recycled silk, it takes 4 days on the train back and forth to work to get the bag done. I will try to post a photo of the finished bag. The first one will be used in an auction at the school where my sister teaches. Also have a baby blanket in progress that's due in January. Why are the weekends so darn short?

Kiwi Jo said...

OMG that is the best bag yet and I just have to make it! I started my big bowling bag this morning and it knits up so fast that I'm already up to the strips at the top. Pete is taking me out for an anniversary dinner (3 years yesterday) so I'll take a photo when we get home.

Lucia from Madison said...

OMG! Went into NYC today. A street vendor was selling recycled silk yarn, that I had paid $20 a skein, for only $8.00 and it was already wound up into balls!
It was a good day.

lemur said...

I've still not been able to start the bag. Finally made it to my LYS to buy the size 13's, and lo and behold, what was the only size they were sold out of? You guessed it, the 13's. So, I won't have the needles to take with me on vacation tomorrow. I ended up ordering them online with another order. So, I should have them when I get home next week.


Lucia from Madison said...

I got my yarn for the Marley Bag!
I got Lamb's Pride Creme, Charcoal Heather, Perwinkle, Clematis, Pink and Orchid Thistle!
But I made my self promise to finish a Shawl which is a Christmas gift and the baby blanket first. Then it will all be about me! Hope you keep this She Knit KAL going. I know I will be involved with projects for other people but I do enjoy your podcasts and you work is just beautiful. Where do you come up with the ideas and how do you have time to do them. I have no children. Only a husband, 2 cats and a full time job and I can barely find time. :(
I take the train so I can have at least 2 hours a day. As I am sitting here typing I should be knitting. Knitting… don't leave home without. (bumper sticker!)

Annierose said...

Sooo beautiful, wish all of my Christmas knitting were done so I could get it for myself!