Sunday, September 30, 2007

Contest for She-Knits KAL members

I have decided to have a contest to give away some of my yarn and it is exclusively for my She-Knits KAL members that have posted at least once. You can still post between now and the end of the contest and be counted so if you haven't introduced yourself, go for it! There will be two winners picked.

How do I enter?

You enter by leaving a reply to this post with a web address link to a knitting pattern or a picture of a knitted item that has a pattern for sale (or free) of something you think is great that you have not yet knit, but want to. If it is a pattern from a book, then link the book.

You may enter up to 2 times if you have two separate links. The links must all be working, so make sure you check!

When will the contest begin and end?

The contest begins now and ends midnight Oct.10
The winner will be randomly drawn and announced Oct. 12.

What do you win?
There are two prizes to CHOOSE other words first place winner gets their choice, and second place winner gets what is left!

If any of you listen to my podcast you'll know that even though I ordered the Berrocco Yarn, Peruvia to make the tilted duster, I have decided against knitting the tilted duster so I am going to give some of it away in this contest. Now, since a number of you are International I hope you understand that if you win I will be sending you a smaller amount of yarn then if you win and are within the United States, international postage is just BRUTAL.

Here it is...the color is tomato, the skeins are 174 yds and I haven't decided how many I will give away yet but it will be at least two or more.

It is a 100% wool and is considered by most to be quite soft (though i still think it is a little scratchy...but I think all wool is scratchy.


A surprise mystery skein of sock yarn that is 400 yds.

OR************* ( and sorry my lovely International participants this last choice is only for people within the US because International postage is just brutal!

My additional copy of Laurie Perry's (aka Crazy Aunt Purl) book, Drunk Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair.
I will announce the winners on Oct 14 here on the KAL and then you will e-mail me your choice of prize and your mailing addy.

Sound good? Hey you have a pretty good chance of winning sine there are 14 f you in the KAL and I don't think everyone has posted! If you were lurking and considering joining, now is the time.

Remember enter by submitting your comment here.

Have fun- and please make sure your links work.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pipes and Braid Bag - or Just Pipes Bag

I have finished my bag! I did mine a little differently, and didn't add the braid. I had a belt I used to wrap around it instead. To me, a couple of the colors on the top could have been a little different, but I still love it. Do you think I should have felted it a little longer? I'm excited to get started on another one.

Pipes and braids bag

I finished the bag on Wednesday. Here it is right before going in the washer to be felted. (apologies if the picture is too dark, I've tried lightening it several times but it keeps coming out dark when I post it)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I took it to my mom's on Thursday, and she fell in love. She took it with her to a doctors appointment on Friday and the sweetest thing happened. A woman in her 60s and her mother were both waiting in line behind my mom to check in. My mom felt something touching her bag and after the 3rd or so time she turned around. The younger woman apologized and the older woman asked my mom where she got the bag. My mom told her that I made it. The old woman's mouth dropped and said you can't have a child old enough to do work like this. Young people don't knit anymore. My mom laughed and said well, neither do us middle aged people and that I had taught myself. My mom also got a bunch of compliments from office girls and even her male doctor!

The goal was to take a few pictures with my mom holding the bag, but she wasn't feeling well today. (The following story is to explain the next picture) My mom was once diagnosed with both multiple sclerosis and Nerofibromatosis, the doctors have since revoked the multiple sclerosis diagnosis and have gone simply with neurofibromatosis. She has A LOT of tumors growing in her spinal chord. They did a surgery and actually removed some of her vertebrae in order to allow the tumors to grow and ease the damage done from pressure on her nerves and nervous system. Because of her disease she's on a walker at only 53 years old (don't worry though she's getting great care and is amazing doctors with her strength, she's always in high spirits and refuses to let the disease win). It makes it kind of hard for her to find a bag that she can carry and use her walker. Most bags either drag on the ground or slip off the handles, and if she carries it on her shoulder it trips her up. This bag hangs PERFECTLY on the walker. The straps are the perfect length to rest on one of the support bars and the perfect width. Check it out.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My mom adores this bag, and even though she didn't want to be in the pictures today she stood on the porch to make sure I didn't run away with it.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I love all of Sharon's bag and can't wait to get started on more. General purse addiction + beautiful knit designs/patterns + ability to knit= TROUBLE

So interesting how they are the same but different.

Here is my version of the 5 Petal bag that Jo did in the post below.

To me they look so different just because of the color differences. I like Jo's color choices as they are going to little girls. My color choices are more appropriate choices for grown-up "girls". So my question to all of you is does color choice make an enormous difference or as long as they are ok colors it really doesn't make that much of a difference? Could a little girl also where mine and a big girl wear Jo's?

Here is my second Pipes and braids in grays and black unfelted. I forgot to add the X's and braids and just now have a felted it. So now I am going to felt those additional pieces separately and sew them on hoping for the best. I may have to give it all one more short cycle of washing to fuse it together however I am a little leery of doing that as I don't want to make the bag any smaller. For whatever reason the gray bag shrunk more the the red Pipes and Braid bag even though I washed them both the same length of time and at the same temperature.

Another Loop in a Loop Bag

I just finished another Loop in a Loop Bag. These sweet little bags are addictive!

Pattern: She-Knits Loop in a Loop 5 Petals Bag
Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky (85% wool, 15% alpaca)
Needles: Size US13 9mm
For: Christmas gift for cousin Holly aged 6

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am in love with this bag!

I started the pipes and braids bag a couple of days ago, and I can't believe how fast it is knitting up. I usually knit only socks, so knitting a bag was completely new to me. Oh, I am so in trouble now - a new addiction! Sharon, the directions are wonderful. If I can understand them, just about anybody can :-D I've knit the body of the bag, and am almost to the first piping on the upper part. Now I'm at work and keep trying to sneak in a row here and there. You know what I'll be doing tomorrow on my day off!

Introduction of a new-comer

Hi, I'm Marit from Norway and I get so inspiered by all this lovely bags. I want to knit them all! But now I have a small problem or two. First of all it's not enough knittingtime in my life, and second, I don't have the right needles. The smaller one are on needles 6mm, and the bigger on 10mm. I don't have needles in sizes between, and I have to choose one of this. Please help me! My bag is going to be brown and white and I'm eager to start.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You might consider....

sending me to the nut-house...... I am so in love with the simplicity and good looks of the xl bowling bag. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that it is so easily changeable when it comes to yarn. What yarn you use determens(?) the size of the bag.

I am working on a black/grey one for my MIL as a christmasgift, I have started a small (even smaller than the pink) for my daughters cabbage patch doll in odds and ends from my feltingyarnstash...

and I am thinking about how I can make it even smaller... So I am considering knitting one on 2,5 mm needles with lacewool...

Now, does that not qualify for a little trip to the nut-house?
I am so hooked on knitting that bag that I have had to give myself a time out so I can get two of the three pairs of socks that I also have on the needles done. One pair was finished last night, and I hope to get lots of work done on the second pair tonight.

Info. about Pipes and Braid Pattern

Thanks to my test knitters the knitting pattern for Pipes and Braids is officially done an up for sale as a pattern as well as a kit. I have started another Pipes and Braid in grays and black

I am still working on writing the pattern for the Floral Bag as well as working on two new bags, one with loads of cables, and one with loads of color.

The weather here which was up in the 80's until t-storms yesterday was a glorious 72 today. I really think it makes knitting with wool a more pleasant experience. I do it all summer anyway, but it is the best sitting outside and listening to my i-pod and knitting and NOT getting hot from the bag sitting on my lap.

Tips and tricks:
When you have knit enough of your large style bag for it to hold your yarn ball. pop it inside the bag and it won't be rolling all over the place.

So you don't constantly have to count where you are in a repeat pattern, use a hanging stitch marker to mark the beginning of the pattern repeat...even one of those little hard plastic closures that are on the bag that a loaf of bread are in works great----those plastic thingies are also great as mini bobbins for intarsia

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Intro

Hello everyone!

I just purchased my first pattern from Sharon, the Pipes and Braids Bag. It will be my first felting project, and my first bag project. This KAL is a great idea, the bags all of you have done look wonderful. I can't wait to get started on mine!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Feedback plea + felting tips

May I kindly ask that those of you that purchased a pattern or kit from my
Sheknits for Knitters Etsy shop and were satisfied, to please go back into your Etsy account leave me some feedback saying so!
Some tips about felting. If you have never done it before please consider doing a swatch in your washer before you do a whole bag. If you don't swatch...and to be honest, I am the worst person as I NEVER swatch....then take it slow. DO a short cylce first and keep doing short cycles so you don't accidentally over felt. If you over felt you could get a overly scrunched up bag that you can;t stretch back into shape. ou can stretch these bags alot after they have been felted, especially the straps, but if you have over-felted you are kind of a goner. If you don't like the amount of fuzziness or halo that yarns with wool and mohair produce (it's the mohair that's fuzzy)you can invest in an electric hair clipper (I did) and carefully give it a buzz. I bought mine at Walgreens...they are not exactly cheap but well worth it if felted bag making is going to be a fairly regular activity for you. If yrou have floor vents that blow air, put your bag right on the vent. One tip about pictue taking, if you have the opportunity to take a picture makes a world of difference.

An Introduction, and a couple projects

I got my invitation this morning and just got the chance to join and start contributing. My name is Johnna, I'm from Sunny California, married with 2 dogs and a cat... I like to say I have 4 kids (the pets and the husband). I first knit the XL Cables on pockets from the kit after nicely begging Sharon for a while. I was scared to death of the felting process and even though I may have made a boo boo in felting it, there's a first time for everything, it's one of my favorite things ever. Here you can see it before I took the plunge and threw it in the washer.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And after enjoying some sunshine (and full of my stuff!)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I've secretly been working on the pipes and braids bag as well, and I hope Sharon doesn't mind me sharing my identity, and the pictures of the bag being worked on while on a trip to San Diego recently.
Yes I got caught knitting away and enjoying the ocean sounds.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And just for kicks here's a picture of how far I was first thing in the morning before leaving in the afternoon. Needless to say I'm almost finished and hoping to have it in my mom's hot little hands before Friday.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

All I can say is these bags are amazing. Super fun and quick to who doesn't like compliments? I get them all the time on the cables on pockets bag. Everyone loves it.

Sunflower Wristlet

I need to take a better photo of my felted wristlet in daylight but I couldn't wait to share my latest She-Knits creation:

Pattern: She-Knits Loop in a Loop Sunflower Bag
Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky (85% wool, 15% alpaca) and scraps for the embroidery
Needles: Size US13 9mm
Modifications: the sunflower seeds made from French knots
For: Christmas gift for cousin Charlotte aged 4

This bag has an ingenious construction and the felted bag has a wonderful round shape. I especially enjoyed doing the embroidery and I'm looking forward to making more She-Knits flower patterns!

Edited to add better photos.

Since I got the OK I here by present

Pipes and Braid :) Yes I am that scary scary secret testknitter of this bag!

yarn: Østlandsgarn from Gjestal
pattern: Pipes and braid from She-knits for knitters.
Needles: 7 mm.
Information: I used double østlandsgarn and 7 mm needles on everything.

*edited to add: When flat the bag measures 25 cm i height and 33 cm on the widest part of the body. Østlandsgarn equals sportweight yarn suitable for 3,5 - 4 mm needles according to the band around the ball and is 23 stithes pr 4 inch in gauge*

Sunday, September 23, 2007

XL B.B. in Sable and Cream

I honestly loved making it a second time and when it sells I will make a third...and 4th and and and.... I suggest you do the interior pocket in something that 'pops' so you can easily see it when you open your bag. Why? Because it is fun, and you don't have to search for where to dip your hand.

My two secret test knitters have finsished knitting Pipes and Braids, and except for some color changes on the braid, it is deemed error free. As soon as the second knitter finishes her straps and felts her bag it will be officially for immediate sale. Did you know that one of the test knitters is on this KAL. Oh lovely test knitter will you please expose your identity and show us your gorgeous bag??

A dash of pink.

Ok… a BIG dash of pink. I finished the Pink Bowling Bag for my daughter. She loves it, I love it. I migt have to make one in this yarn for my self too. I just love this pattern. It is so userfriendly if you know what I mean.

yarn: Østlandsgarn from Gjestal
pattern: XL bowling bag from She-knits for knitters.
Needles: 7 mm and 6 mm.
Information: I used double østlandsgarn and 7 mm needles on everything except the bagstrips, on them I knitted with one thread and 6 mm.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bowling Bag

Ok. So I ordered the patten a couple of weeks ago, but put th projec on hold...but then this kal came along so I ordered the yarn. I got Burly Spun in Limeaid (only because the didn't have a pink I liked, ) for the pocket I was "safe" and went with cream. I ordered the yarn on line ( - I'm in Canada and this store is in Canada as well) as i do live in a rather remote area and don't have a yarn store near me. I was surprised when I received my order (2 days later!) as the burly spun was expensivve at $20.20 each that a "normal" price? Anyway i love the color, wound it into balls and cast on last night. I couldn't wait to felt it so I don't have a before pic and it is currently in the washer now. Once it comes out I'll take a pic and post it so Sharon can see one of her bag "children".

Loving my XL Bowling Bag

Here is my XL Bowling Bag post-felting. I love it! It's so big and roomy and is going to be the perfect go-to-work bag for me. I'm almost looking forward to Monday so I can use it. It's sturdy and strong enough to carry around all my scientisty papers but soft and smooshy enough to make a nice pillow to have a nap on if I get tired on the train.

Project Notes: I used Brown Sheep Company Burly Spun in Wild Oak and Oatmeal, and Lambs Pride Bulky Winter Blue. Five stars from me - thanks She-Knits!

Friday, September 21, 2007

XL Bowling Bag pre-felting

Here's my XL Bowling Bag pre-felting. It's currently in the washing machine so check back tomorrow to see the finished product!

A cable-knitting tip

Just thought I should put this link up for those knitting cables here.
Cabling without a cableneedle

It seems hard at first, but after you get the hang of it you will never go back to using a cableneedle when you knit cables.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

XL bowling bag times two.

I have started both of the bowling bags I was going to knit. One is almost done and one is just started. The pink one is for my daughter and the black will be a christmasgift for my MIL. I really love this pattern. It is so simple and nice to knit! The pink one is in double Østlandsgarn and the black one in double Iglo yarn (both norwegian yarns). The pink is knitted on 7 mm needles and the black on 10 mm needles.

- Silja @

Getting started soon :-)

I'll be starting my bag soon- yeah!!!!

So, this weekend I had gone up to NH and was able to get some yarn shopping time in. I had visited my Gpa on Sat morning (he was admitted to a nursing home during the week) then went to the library to place a Snapfish order of pix that I took two weeks before when I was up there with my kids. I had it printed at the local Walgreens so I could bring them up to him that night. While I was waiting for the pix to be ready I got some yarn at Harrisville for the XL bowling bag and some yarn at the Knitting Nook for the Marly bag. I can't decide what to make first now!! I can't start until next week though b/c I forgot the yarn in my Mom's car :-( My parents are saying in NH until this weekend, so I'll get my yarn when they get home. They live in the next town over from me. Glad they haven't moved out of state yet! LOL! Any suggestions as to what to make first? I think the XL bowling bag for instant gratification!

I REALLY have to stop getting new yarn though- I have a Wool Arts Tour in NH in the beginning of October and Rhinebeck at the end of October. There will be LOTS of purchases made there & I'm running out of yarn storage space!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ok! Now it is my turn!

Hello! I’m cetes!
I’m 25 years old and live in Norway. You have to excuse my English it’s become pretty rusty… I’ll try as good as I can :)
I started to knit on the XL bag yesterday, and I’m loving it, I’m finished with the bottom and have started on the body! I knit with Trysil garn: Iglo, grey body and nature-white pocket, I’ve not decided if the handles should be grey, dark grey or nature-white yet, but it will come to me ;) I’ll try to post some pictures soon.

A big + because it seems to grow pretty fast, because I really hope that this bag will be this year Christmas present (for the ladies ;)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Errata and Tips for XL Bowling Bag Pattern

***Added 9/19 have to add (now that it is the next day and I have heard from others, that this error does not apply to everyone as other lovelies have found their XL Bowling Bag pattern to be error free- the error free pattern reads like this for the top strips,k8, bo 3, k13, bo3, k8 next row: k8 co3 k13, co3 k8. The pattern WITH the error is described below but in a nutshell it reads, k10, bo 3, k14, bo 3, k10 (which is correct) then k10, co 3, {k10}, co 3, k10 - the mistake is the {k10} it should read {k14} I am thinking the error occurred in this pattern on Sept 2 revision***

Our wonderful KAL New Zealander Kiwi Jo found an error. Though it is very upsetting that there is an error, I am so grateful to Jo for finding it and letting me know. I wonder why others have not found it that have completed their bags, and I can only think that it luckily happened to be in a row that you would of instinctively been doing the correct thing from looking at your knitting, as opposed to reading your knitting instructions at that particular point. These errors make me feel so HORRIBLE, it makes me wonder if I am cut out for this pattern writing business as I sit here with a knot in my stomache concerned if I ruined anyones time they spent knitting
Here it is in the fourth grouping of sentences down from the top on page 4.

It now reads:

Next row:
K 10, CO 3 sts. using backwards loop cast on method, k10, CO 3 sts., k 10
Garter st 8 rows. BO all sts.

It should read:

Next row:
K 10, CO 3 sts. using backwards loop cast on method, k14, CO 3 sts., k 10
Garter st 8 rows. BO all sts.

Get out your big bold markers and please correct it. Will you all please accept my humble apology. I am so glad that it hasn't caused a problem for anyone here on the KAL, or all the others out there in knittingland. I am sure I would of heard!
NOW COULD SOMEONE PLEASE POST SOMETHING NICE SO I DON"T HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS EVERYTIME I CHECK ON THE KAL (which is honestly about hourly!)???? Errata will be posted on the side bar.

********ADDED 10/1

Page 4:
Bag strips are done in Oatmeal bulky wight which is listed as [D}. In the directions I also call it [C].

I like the look of the top strips to be 2 rows taller so I am amending that section on pg. 4 to read as this

Using #13 circular needle and [D] working back and forth in garter stitch, drop first stitch marker and k across 40 sts, drop next 2 stitch markers, turn work and knit back on the 40 sts. you just knit across. Continue with garter st. on those 40 sts for a total of 10 rows (5 ridges).

It used to read 8 rows.

The yarn choice for the Exterior Cabled Pocket is not listed, it should be listed as [B]

********added Oct 7
For Pipes and Braids Patterns purchased before 10/7 (which is now called the Ali Bag) the pipe that is on the bottom of the bag is done in the same color as the bottom and therefore you can not see the purl bump (that is on the inside of the bag that you need to pick up as well) as the upper pipes as there is no contrasting color

Monday, September 17, 2007

My not so big Big Bag.

My not so big Big Bag is finished. I love how it turned out! My mom has her brithday today, so she will get it as a present. Actually I wanted to keep it for myself, but if there is one more person that deserves a beauty like this it is my mom.

yarn: Double Finull (about 30-40 grams of each color)
pattern: Big Bag from She-knits for knitters.
Needles: 7mm circulars and dpns
Size: 25 cm tall (without the straps) and 15 cm in diameter.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nicky Approves

I cast on my XL Bowling Bag today and I'm loving the Brown Sheep Burly Spun (as does my cat - I think she's going to be disappointed when she realizes that I'm not making her another cat bed). It knits up super fast on those big fat needles! The color is Wild Oak, the same as Sharon's original bag, and I will also use Oatmeal for the outside pocket. But to make the bag my own I'm using Winter Blue for the strips at the top of the bag, as well as the straps. Loving my She-Knits bag!

A new bag is done and the pattern is almost ready....Pipes and Briad

I am done writing the pattern for Pipes and Braids which will be for sale in the She Knits for Knitters Shop. This finished bag is going to a local boutique and going to be for sale in my Sheknits Shop. More often then not these pricier bags sell more quickly out of the boutique rather then off Etsy. I wish it weren't the case however I totally understand it. It takes a leap of faith to spend $195 on a artisan kind of thing when you are only seeing a picture. When you can actually pick it up and put it on, stroke it, feel its quality and strength etc. get the picture... its just easier to fall in love enough to buy it in person, rather then on the computer! I'm hoping and thinking that this bag will have a new Mama pretty quickly. Whatdayathink? Anyone interested in the pattern? It is going to be tested soon and when it is up for sale I will let you all know.

How come all you lovely participants aren't introducing yourselves? Maybe I jumped the gun creating this KAL. I know we are all so busy with so much. Anyone out there starting their pattern? We would all love to hear about it!