Monday, September 10, 2007

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So far I think most of you are doing the XL Bowling Bag. I know Silja, is working on a small version of the Big Bag and Lisa, are you going to do the Marly Bag in darks? Is that right? Don't forget you all have can write your on's your blog too! I would love PICTURES PICTURE PICTURES please. Can anyone say when they were hoping to cast on their bags?

I am working on a new pattern called Pipes and Braids. I too have to make another XL Bowling Bag to leave as a sample at the LYS that just hired me to teach a felted bag class. I need to leave some of my bags there to lure people into wanting to take the 3 session class and the Bowling Bag I already made is now in a boutique waiting for a new home. I am trying to decide if I should do the yarn shop sample in the same browns and cream, or switch it up...even just for my own sanity of not knitting the exact same bag! The company that makes the yarn I use wants to buy this pattern, but then they own the copyright and I can no longer sell my own pattern. The good part is that it would get my name out ALL over the place. I can still sell the pattern, but I would have to buy their printing of it to sell. I think I want to continue self-publishing this one. Is this stuff boring to all of you....should I just keep it strictly about the ins and outs of the patterns? Would love to know when anyone is going to begin their Bowling Bag so I can cast on with you!

Can any of my lovely Norwegian Kalers tell me how the knitting differs in Norway? Feel free to answer as a posting as opposed to a whichever you feel most compfortable with


lemur said...

Hi Sharon,

I'm planning on doing the XL bowling bag too. I haven't been able to find the 20" needles yet. Will try to get to the LYS over the weekend (they are closed by the time I get out of work.) Once I get them, then I can cast on!!


Sheknits said...

Lisa, I should of added that you could do it on a 24" if that helps.

lemur said...


OK, 24" is a lot easier to find. I still have to get to the yarn shop though!!

See, I'm still at work.... :-(