Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pipes and Braid Bag - or Just Pipes Bag

I have finished my bag! I did mine a little differently, and didn't add the braid. I had a belt I used to wrap around it instead. To me, a couple of the colors on the top could have been a little different, but I still love it. Do you think I should have felted it a little longer? I'm excited to get started on another one.


Kiwi Jo said...

I think the felting looks just right, and the belt is a very clever idea!

Johnna said...

Your felting looks good, and so does the belt. I love your interpretation of the bag!

Sheknits said...

Ok, so I am the only one....I think you should of felted a little more simply because it looks to me like the straps are on the floppy side and depending on their length might stretch out too much for you. I really like the idea of a variegated yarn bottom, and then trying to pick up some of the individual colors for the solid pipes. I can't really see what the belt looks like but I love the idea of doing that. Good job Arlene!!!!