Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pipes and braids bag

I finished the bag on Wednesday. Here it is right before going in the washer to be felted. (apologies if the picture is too dark, I've tried lightening it several times but it keeps coming out dark when I post it)
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I took it to my mom's on Thursday, and she fell in love. She took it with her to a doctors appointment on Friday and the sweetest thing happened. A woman in her 60s and her mother were both waiting in line behind my mom to check in. My mom felt something touching her bag and after the 3rd or so time she turned around. The younger woman apologized and the older woman asked my mom where she got the bag. My mom told her that I made it. The old woman's mouth dropped and said you can't have a child old enough to do work like this. Young people don't knit anymore. My mom laughed and said well, neither do us middle aged people and that I had taught myself. My mom also got a bunch of compliments from office girls and even her male doctor!

The goal was to take a few pictures with my mom holding the bag, but she wasn't feeling well today. (The following story is to explain the next picture) My mom was once diagnosed with both multiple sclerosis and Nerofibromatosis, the doctors have since revoked the multiple sclerosis diagnosis and have gone simply with neurofibromatosis. She has A LOT of tumors growing in her spinal chord. They did a surgery and actually removed some of her vertebrae in order to allow the tumors to grow and ease the damage done from pressure on her nerves and nervous system. Because of her disease she's on a walker at only 53 years old (don't worry though she's getting great care and is amazing doctors with her strength, she's always in high spirits and refuses to let the disease win). It makes it kind of hard for her to find a bag that she can carry and use her walker. Most bags either drag on the ground or slip off the handles, and if she carries it on her shoulder it trips her up. This bag hangs PERFECTLY on the walker. The straps are the perfect length to rest on one of the support bars and the perfect width. Check it out.
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My mom adores this bag, and even though she didn't want to be in the pictures today she stood on the porch to make sure I didn't run away with it.
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I love all of Sharon's bag and can't wait to get started on more. General purse addiction + beautiful knit designs/patterns + ability to knit= TROUBLE


Stitchnscrap said...

I LOVE your bag. Thanks for posting the pictures. Your mom sounds like one amazing woman.

Kiwi Jo said...

Oh my what a heart-warming story. You are a lovely daughter to bring such joy to your Mom. I hope she is feeling better soon. Oh, and your bag looks perfect!