Monday, October 1, 2007

Finished Pipes and Braid in Grays ...some tips

Now that I have finished another pipes and Braids, here are a few thoughts and tips.
You can always make the bag longer by adding a few more rows to the main part of the bag or even adding more pipes...simple thought but you really ought to think of customizing size to suit your needs.

Make sure you sew on the X's and thread the braid through before you felt the bag. I had forgotten to do this and felted the bag, and then had to felt the additional pieces separately and sew it all into place afterwards which was a bit harder then sewing them in the pre-felted stage.

Make certain you like the way the braid fits around the bag. It should not be droopy or conversely too tight either. If it seems to long you can either unbraid however much you need to and re-tie the end or even cut it off and re-secure the ends.

Secure the part in which you have sewn the ends of the braid together, underneath one of the X's by tacking it down through the X so those pesky ends don't show.

Lastly if the braid ends up not being the way you want it to be after felting you can confidently cut it off and re-sew it so it is more to your liking

I have made some slight changes and a minor color correction on Cables and pockets (thank to Valerie) as follows

Page 4:
Bag strips are done in Oatmeal bulky wight which is listed as [D}. In the directions I also call it [C].

I like the look of the top strips to be 2 rows taller so I am amending that section on pg. 4 to read as this

Using #13 circular needle and [D] working back and forth in garter stitch, drop first stitch marker and k across 40 sts, drop next 2 stitch markers, turn work and knit back on the 40 sts. you just knit across. Continue with garter st. on those 40 sts for a total of 10 rows (5 ridges).

It used to read 8 rows.

The yarn choice for the Exterior Cabled Pocket is not listed, it should be listed as [B]


Stitchnscrap said...

Oh Sharon, I love the colors of this bag, too! Thanks for posting the pictures. I want to get started on another one, and this time I will felt the bag a little longer.

Valerie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag in greys!!! I liked it in the reds, but being a red-head I don't use red very much for myself & was having a hard time picturing it in a color I would use. They greys look awesome & I think have inspired me to buy the pattern :D

Sheknits said...

Thanks my peeps! Valerie- didn't know you were red! My 3rd and 7th children are red heads...but it is a big waste on them (except to me who thinks it is the cutest thing EVER) as they are boys and somehow it isn't appreciated by boys. We don't know where the red comes from as neither me nor my husband or any of the g. parents have red hair. I think gray would be much better for you.

Valerie said...

Sharon: Yup, I'm very much a red head! It's getting browner as I get older, but it was RED RED when I was younger. I had these adorable bright red curls that I was hoping my kids would get, but my daughter has wavy dark blond hair & my son has straight blond hair. He has the most adorable little freckles that he got from me though! LOL! I think red head kids are SO cute. Our Homecoming King in HS was a red head with tons of freckles, so I don't think it's TOTALLY lost on boys, some people get how cute it is! Neither of my parents and none of my grandparents had red hair, but somehow one of my sisters & myself wound up with red hair. Apparently some of the men in the family have red in their beards. I showed your etsy shop to a friend that I'm teaching how to knit & she loved all your bags :-) She's thinking about ordering a kit.

Annierose said...

This is the first I've see this bag and I really like it, very original!