Thursday, October 18, 2007

My very own *gulum voice* PRECIOUS

Hey all! I have been wanting to post all about my Marly bag on here for a while but have been super busy and now I am finally getting a chance to do that!

I was lucky enough to get my very own Marly Bag Kit from Sharon as an early birthday gift (NOV. 10..and I have beautiful brown eyes...LOL...inside joke). SERIOUSLY, I wanted to cast on for it as soon as I got it but didn't have the right size needles. So, had to wait for the stores to open the next day.

I did get the cheapo Susan Bates needles at Hobby Lobby because they were 50% off and seeing that my wallet was a little thin (if you know what I mean) I couldn't afford the nice stuff. Anyway, that was Friday. I think I did the Cast On and maybe the first five rows Friday Night.

Saturday morning...I sat in my arm chair and did NOTHING...barely even got up to PEE...but knit this bag! It was so totally addicting! The slip stitching color work is like magic! Sharon told me it was but to actually see it with my own two eyes...AMAZING!!

Anyway, by 7:30 Saturday Night I had it in the washer!!! I called Sharon to let her know, so she could share in the excitement :-)

I pulled it out and stuffed it full of a Sam's Club (economy size) bag of diapers. Seemed to be the perfect fit! It dried over night and I have been using it as a purse ever since!!

Here are some pictures of the Great Event :-)

Now I can't wait to make the Pipes and Braids bag...or the Ally Purse :-)


Pre-felted...inside out...

Can you tell I haven't showered all day?
I always get a little worried when I put something in the washer...
And for some reason I always take a picture of myself...why?
After the washer and stretched to fit the diapers :-)

Sharon always takes pictures of her bags with either her daughters
or herself holding it. SO, I thought I would
get my daughter to hold my bag.
The dress doesn't really hide her does it, LOL!!



Sheknits said...

Your enthusiasm is the best! Love your 'picture heavy" post. Your post rightfully should have lots of pictures...after all this is THE MARLY BAG!!!! Thanks for showing it off, good work-

Marit said...

Your bag is beautiful! I love your pictures and text - good and fun reading :)

Johnna said...

Fantastic! It's so great to see the namesake of the bag enjoying it so much.


Yarn Thing said...

You all are so great!


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Yarn Thing said...

To the comment above this one...HUH?



Fibers said...

Great job Marley! You made it sound very easy to do the color work on Sharon's bags. I think I'll get one as soon as I finish the one I already have!! :) Hey wait a Sharon paying you to be so happy!!?? No, I'm kidding! I know how it is to be so excited about something that you just can't think about or do anything else.

Annierose said...

OK, how the heck did you get the time off from parenting to knit all day?!? That's what I call a birthday. Looks great!!! :)