Thursday, October 4, 2007

Should be finished tonight

I should be finished with my bag tonight! I have to wash my son's sneakers later, so I hope to get the bag in the washer with the sneakers. Here's a picture of what I've knit thus far:

Modification: My Mom didn't want the figure 8 cable on the pocket, just the diamond. If I was thinking I would have done a double diamond.... I have enough yarn for a 2nd bag, so maybe I'll do it as a double diamond on the next one :-)

If I have it finished tonight I can bring it up to NH this weekend & my Mom can use it for the Wool Arts Tour that we're going to :-)

~ Valerie


Sheknits said...

I think the dimple diamond is a great alternative- is the bag in dark gray or black? I am so curious what she didin't like about the 8?

Valerie said...

The bag is actually a really dark brown, although it does look black in the pic. Should get a pic outside when the bag is finished. I have no clue why my Mom didn't like the figure 8....