Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She-Knits Kal Questions

Since two different people asked some questions , I thought I would answer it out here as I am sure we can all benefit. Please always feel free to ask me purse knitting and felting questions...that was some of the thought originally behind the intention of having the She-Knits KAL...well that an my on-going hunger and THRILL of seeing my bagchildren all in one place ;) Remember, there are NO dumb questions...really and truly.

Can two different projects be felted at the same time?

The short answer is yes HOWEVER, always put them in separate pillow cases and be mindful of colors if you are doing lights and darks or light and reds there could be some bleeding. You can also throw in one of those Tide (?) color catchers or take your chances. I have never ruined anything from excessive bleeding but it can happen.

My favorite way to felt again is:

1. Put your item in a zippered pillow case (really it is a pillow protector)
2. Add rubber flip flops for agitation
3. Until you get to know your yarn and your washing machine, check frequently so you don't ruin your item by over-felting.
4. If you have something hard like Tupperware or waste basket that is the right size for drying use it to stretch your bag over -OR- use many many many plastic grocery bags until you have really filled your purse- then and punch and pull it until it is shaped the way you want.

2.What color should the inside pocket be on The Melly Bag (this was from someone who was working from the kit). I suggest using whatever yarn you have the most of left over if you are using the kit. The most important thing to keep in mind is, the Burley Spun Yarn is double thickness of the Lambs Pride bulky. SO if you use the Burley Spun then it is single strand and if you use the bulky weight yarn then do it doubled. Also be sure to put your interior pocket on the same side (inside) of the side you are putting the exterior pocket so you don't have ridges shoring on the outside from that interior pocket. I have ruined entire bags from that interior pocket showing through.

Lastly one person brought to my attention that she did not have enough yarn in a kit she purchased to finish 2 specific parts. Please let me know in detail if this has happened to you if this has happened to you. I will send you the additional yarn you need...I stand by my kits. I have increased the price to cover the additional yarn needed on one particular kit. It is my intention that I can keep the prices as low as possible on my kits.

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