Monday, October 8, 2007

Flowers and Vines/Pipes and Braids

I finally put the finishing touches on this bag and it is currently felting in the washer. While I absolutely love the way this bag looks, it has taken me forever to do the finishing work on the bag. I had to sew down the leaves and secure the flowers, lots and lots of hand sewing which is always the worst part for me. BUT I had commited myself and actually finished it. I'm a little worried about it actually felting because of the aran color, but I've got my fingers crossed and I'm toughing it out. If nothing else I have these pictures.

Here's the front of the bag:

And the back:

Gorgeous right? I almost hope my MIL doesn't like it so I can keep it for myself :)


Sheknits said...

Seriously STUNNING. My mouth is hanging open....speechless

Valerie said...

Oh, wow, that's beautiful!!!! What an awesome gift! I totally want one!!

Kiwi Jo said...

WOW!!! The chances of your MIL not liking it are a big fat ZERO!

Annierose said...

Really gorgeous!