Monday, October 15, 2007

My Intarsia


I thought I'd show you pictures of my intarsia. I'm getting used to it and it is going OK. :)


Stitchnscrap said...

I have never tried intarsia. I'm glad you are posting the pictures of your progress. Is it going easier the more you do it? I love some of the bags with different colors but am afraid I will royally mess it up.

Sheknits said...

Great pics. I want to tell everyone what I look for with this work. When you look at the back of her work you can see the the yarn she initially carried along (the red yarn) when the yellow of the sunflower was just beginning. The longer strands of the red yarn look even (not too tight and not too loose and there are no big gaps. Eventually she separated into little balls or long strands of yarn instead of continuing to carry over long stretches. On the front side I can see just one larger gap between the yellow and the red at the very start of the yellow petals, however this gap can be effectively closed with a simple stitch using one of the tails of yarn. The stitch should be done before felting. Also the felting does miracles for making everything look "OK" in the end. Bigger gaps should be minimized but smaller ones will close.
This really is a good first intarsia project because it is a small project overall, however doing it on size 13 needles makes it so easy to see just what you are doing and if you need to make adjustments.

Sheknits said...

Forgot to thank you Anne. This is such a great KAL post as it helps everyone on here. I would love to see more works in progress and please feel free to express how the knitting is going for your self...we all love to learn!