Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 Petals Wristlet Pattern

I am Julie from California,. I don't have a blog yet...I'm still thinking about it. I bought the 5 Petals Wristlet pattern. I was actually hoping to start it tonight but I realized I didn't have the correct is this possible??? I must have 25 pairs of needles! Anyway, my thumb ring size....hmmmm...I would say size 9. I have big hands I think. My favorite yarn size changes depending on the seasons...fall is fall colors and the rest of the year is purple and blues. Favorite stitch marker size.....never really thought about that one...I guess any size would be great if it's a prize.
Annierose your bag is looking great! It looks like you are doing fine.

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Sheknits said...

Felting is so forgiving...I cna't stand for you to have to go buy more needles- you can do the 5 Petal on 13's or 11'2 and it doenst have to be a circular needle it is just easier that way. Maye you can make do withe what you have???? Glad to see you here.