Friday, October 12, 2007

She-Knits KAL contest winners

I am so happy with this She-Knits KAL and I hope that regardless of whether or not you are all posting or responding to other peoples posts that you are somehow being inspired by what you see or at least learning something. I just love it all, and kind of ran the contest as a way to thank you to all of you for taking the time to share your creations. I was feeling so...I don't know...sort of like this KAL is more for ME then anyone, so I ran a contest so I could give you all something a.k.a .... ...a thank you of sorts...I wanted to give you the chance to win some free stuff ....something more then my ongoing writing of THANK YOU and awesome and all the other things I find myself saying! For better or worse just 4 of you entered, and I am not sure whether it is because you aren't interested in contests, or the prizes offered, or not reading through the post. Since there were only 4 of you I have decided to give you all a prize of some sort. So Valerie, Cynthia, Silja and Anne, please e-mail me privately and tell me of the listed prizes (form the original contest post- here-) what your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices would be and you addresses and I will send you all something!!!
*****Added later in the day...Ok Cynthia + Anne, not that you snooze you lose however Valerie and Silja responded right away, so what I have left is the Peruvia yarn (and maybe a little goodie) just send me your addresses if you want the yarn******

I am so curious, for you others that didn't enter was it because
1. Not interested in contests?
2. Not interested in those prizes?
3. Didn't catch the post?

I am stillll writing up the Floral Bag ...which will be called the Caroline's a very detailed almost done!
I am writing up a pattern for a messenger style bag, which can also be used as a laptop bag. Here's a peek...lots of texture.


Silja Devine said...

I cant wait to see the messenger bag!!!!!!!!

KnitterPhreek said...

Sharon, I didn't enter because I just got here! I do remember something about it vaguely, but I guess I missed the post about how to join. Oh well! I'm here for the fun, not the swag!

Sheknits said...

I guess most people are here for the fun...which makes me supremely happy...not that swag is a bad thing...I just feel less obligated to swag you all now because everyone didin't jump all over it...not that I might not again!

Kiwi Jo said...

I didn't enter because I am lucky to have enough resources to buy my own yarn so I wanted it to go to someone else. I'm looking forward to seeing the messenger bag too! Maybe I could convince Pete it's a man-purse heehee.

Stitchnscrap said...

I really wanted to enter the contest, and I meant to so I have no excuse. The prizes sounded so good, too! It's funny, but I was thinking, oh, there will be so many people who enter I won't have a chance. Ok, I will for sure enter the next one, so do have another contest, Sharon :-D