Monday, October 22, 2007

Toooo quiet...and new pattern up in shop

Hellooooo...*said with sound echoing into a big empty cave* is anybody out there making a purse??? Have you all moved on to other projects? I would especially love to see any new bag-children and hey what happened to all the lovely Norwegians that bought the Melly Bag (formerly know as Cables on Pickets)pattern....I think I have only seen postings from Marit and Silja. Are you all burnt out on bag making? If so then I hope to see you again sometime...I am a bid advocate of only knitting what something that is fun and makes you happy!! Apparently I am never burnt out on bag making!!!!! So maybe it will perk you up or inspire you to see a new pattern that is up for sale in my She Knits for Knitters shop (or maybe not)?

Roses at Midnight

This wristlet starts as two pieces then becomes one so you are able to knit it on a circular needle...NO SEAMING!!!!! The leaves are embroidered on before felting, and the flowers, done in cotton yarn, are added after felting.


Kiwi Jo said...

The roses are sweet Sharon!

I just started the Ali bag last night. I needed a treat after working on my Dad's socks (small needles and big feet!). Of course now I've started it I'm not going to be able to stop.

Sheknits said...

I admire you can actually complete a pair of socks..something I apparently can not do. I am excited to see your Ali Bag. Tow of the three people taking my class next week choose the Ali bag as their project choosing black, brown plum, sage and oatmeal amongst other colors. ...should be interesting. Wish you were here to join in on the class! We will have to be satisfied with virtual class.

Annierose said...

I really love this one! BTW, I have allof the knitting done on my sunflower bag. Can I felt it with the other bag when I'm done with that or should I do them separately?

If that is the case, I'll do all the finishing work on my sunflower bag and post when I'm done.