Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My new bag!

Hi! I'm finished my first XL Bowling bag and I think it came out quite well. It felted a bit to mutch and the pattern on the outside pocket nearly disapeard. I'm not sure that the yarn was right, I used Artic (Trysil Garn), and will try out some other yarn next time. I have not felted mutch, so that can also influens the result, but it was fun! Here are some pictures of the bag before and after felting.


Sheknits said...

I think your bag turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Maypbe in person it looks differnt, however from what I can see in the phot the cable on the pocket shows quite clearly. Some colors felt more then others, also the tightness of the cable pattern in general may lend itself to felting more. Whatever the ase I think your bag looks really really great! i think Silja uses that same yarn...yes Silja??

Kiwi Jo said...

I think your bag looks perfect too!