Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One down... one to go

I finished my 'Melly Bag' and love it!

I felted it a little bit too much - one cycle would have been good, but I wanted the fabric a little more felted and then promptly got distracted so it went thru an entire second cycle. So the cable isn't as pronounced as it was after the first wash... And the pocket got slightly 'wonky' during felting... I was able to stretch it pretty well, but it's not exactly straight anymore.

And for a keen observer (hard to see in the photo), I attached the straps slightly wider than in the pattern.

It's a great bag, Sharon!! and I can see more of them in my future!!

My Ali bag is almost done... just have to sew the Xs on and attached the straps.

Happy (and happily) knitting!
- JavaNut


Sheknits said...

Looks great Debra, and I don't know about "in person' however the Cable looks good in the picture, or should I say defined enough. Now what are you going to knit??

Kiwi Jo said...


Emily said...

Gorgeous! Nice job.