Monday, October 29, 2007

Yoo-hoo- Silja where have your pictures all gone??? Jo's Marly Bags

Seriously, is it just my computer or are have all of Silja's pictures become empty frames with a little box with a little red X on everybodies computer. WHERE ARE MY BAG CHILDREN???? (mother panic ensues)

Did anyone ever get to see the beauty of Jo's Marly Bags? She was the first person to ever buy from my Sheknits for Knitters Shop and she bought the Marly Bag kit in the original colors. Then she bravely made two more picking her own fabulous colors. Have a lovely lingering look at my first bag children (trying to calm myself down about my missing ones with looking at my first ones)


Silja Devine said...

I have uploaded the pics of my finished bags again. I lost everything in my blog due to me trying to fix something I clearly had no idea on how to fix, so I had to start my blog all over. But I see it as a blank canvas.

Valerie said...

Same thing happened with a number of pix on my blog :-(

I'll be starting my Marly bag soon! I'll post my progress when I get going.