Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally cast on...

hi all -

My first post for this KAL, but I've loved the 'formerly-known-as-cable-on-pocket-XLBowling-Bag' since Sharon published it. (and Sharon, I think the renaming of your bags was a great idea!)

Despite numerous projects on my needles, I needed to cast-on something that didn't require focused attention (how did I end up working on 3 lace shawls at the same time????)!

I knew "Melly" would be a fun and relatively easy knit, but who knew it would be so addictive? All that's left is the panel for an inner pocket, a little seaming and some hot water! Sadly it will probably be the weekend before I'll be knitting again. I hate it when the day job creeps into the evenings

Happy Knitting!
- JavaNut

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Sheknits said...

So nice to see you here Debra! I agree this is a nice mindless addictive pattern. A huge part of the appeal for me is that you quickly churn out this fab big bag. The bag takes little attention however the cable on the pocket needs total attention, but it seems completely acceptable to me to have part of knitting this bag to be mindful, after all the mindless...yes? Can't wait to see your Melly bag assembled and felted. I just sold one of these in a boutique for 3.5x as much as you paid for it. Hey, what a suprise, something that actually costs less to knit then to buy!