Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wool Gone Wild

Ok, I wasn't going to post this picture, but decided to so I can get feedback on what I should do with it. The main color before felting was more of a purple color, and actually matched the rest of the colors. After I felted it, the purple is less noticeable and now the brown/orange "Hairs" are sticking out, so much so that it is really shedding. I made the braid but didn't felt it as Sharon suggested earlier, but then it didn't match after I felted the purse! Then the X's weren't sewn onto the bag right, so I decided to cut them off - you can see what's left of them on the bag. I purposely made the shoulder straps shorter, and I do like the length of the straps and the size of the bag. I also like the way this bag felted more than the first bag I did.

So, gals, what should I do with this bag? Will the shedding eventually stop? I had black on the other day, tried this bag out, and landed up having to change because of all the "hair" the yarn left on my clothes (the yarn is Cascade). I've thought of somehow making purple polka dots on it to match the leftover yarn from my "x's." I could maybe embroider a design on it, or just put it away in my closet......

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Sheknits said...

The colors are pretty and the bag looks well proportioned.

First, about the shedding:

I don't know about Cascade as I have never used it, however the yarn I use also she,d but eventually calms down. To hasten the calming down I do an initial shave with a plug in hair clipper (from Walgreens...I think it is like the buzzer a barber uses for a crew cut). Other people have told me they use an actual disposable shaver and give their bag a light shaving to hasten the de-shedding.

About the little X nubbies:

You probably can do a more meticulour job getting those little nubs off with a good pair of scissors - making tiny little cuts 9or fishbites as my five year old calls them...not shark bites!Also if you are going to sew on the braid you can choose to cover at least one row of the nubs.

About the braid colors being different then the matching colors on the bags. My guess is that you are the only one that would think it weird as you probably have been staring and staring at your bag. If you think its bad then make then felt the braid. Remember you need to make the braid onger if you are going to felt it to allow for shrinkage.

Honestly, I thik the bag looks nice -- the nubs definitely have to be delt with and the shedding...well...that can be modified alot with a good shave or two. I wonder if Cascade sheds alot more the what I use which is Lambs Pride? I haven't noticed a major major shedding problem.