Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marly Shorty!

I got my kit I think on Tuesday and I finished it last night. I felted today and I LOVE IT!!! I did the Marly shorty with the patterned bottom. My bottom turned out a little different than Sharon's I believe because I was helping my DD with homework and knitting. However I totally love it! I also had a bit of yarn left over and used it to make a small pouch to put in the purse. I used 2 of the bag patterns on the pouch.

Here is before felting pictures


piece that will turn into a small pouch

Felted purse (sorry about the pic being sideways) Bottom of the bag, different but I like it)
Felted pouch, I am going to add snaps to the top flap

I sent pics to my sister and now she wants one too! It was a really fun knit. My sister is thinking she wants one in black and cream or brown and cream

Have a fun day,



Sheknits said...

Fantastic Loretta!!! Yu did it! YOur bottom looks great..I know its tricky on the Shorty and I think I have never made two that look the same on the bottom...but they all look cool! Good for you for making that matching pouch.

Kiwi Jo said...

Looks great Loretta! Love the matching pouch too.